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Card door lock


Material:                       Metal+Plastic

Color:                           Silver/Golden/Antique Copper

Function:                      Password+Card+Key

Password capacity:         10 groups

Card capacity:               40 groups

MOQ:                           1 piece

Warranty:                     12 months

Certification:                 CE, FCC

  • Features

    - Manage lock switch
    put the switch to the locked side on the back plate, after long-beep buzzer, the lock can only be unlocked by the admin passwords

    - Alarm warning
    wrong password/fingerprint/card 3 times, buzzer sounds a long-beep over 10 seconds. Keypad and sensor area will be locked for 3 minutes

    - Low battery alarm
    when battery voltage lower than 4.8v, buzzer will make alert everytime unlock. Meanwhile it can still work for about 50 times 

    - Code Scrambling Technology

    add any digits before or after the right password, the system can still recognize and unlock

    - Mechanical key override
    in case of the worst operate situation, a mechanical key override can prevent been locked outside. While the keyhole is hidden in the handle, totally supply the more secure

    - Tasteful classic design
    aerodynamic design, more noble and elegant. Surface polishing and electroplating treatment

    - Industrial motherboard design
    special PCB surface treatment technology: fungi-proof , moisture-proof and salt fog-proof

    Technical Parameters

    Power supply 4.5v - 6.5v
    Battery 4pcs AA Alkaline Battery           
    Typical dynamic current                 <20μA
    Action current =250mA
    Lock engine micro-DC motor
    Available lock body single latch/ double latch
    Working temperature -20℃--70℃
    Storage temperature -25℃--125℃
    Fingerprint sensor optical/ semi-conductor
    Warning low power; wrong operate

    Available lock body

    User Manual

    click to download

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