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SinovoTEC, Well-known Smart Lock Manufacturer is Favored by Overseas Merchants

Time:2018-10-17 Views:2345

In the past 4 days of the Global Source Consumer Electronics Show, our locks have received many inquiries and affirmations from customers at home and abroad. Meanwhile, DF202 black model as the new tech is displayed in the Smart living Pavilion, which is highly regarded with its high-end sophisticated biometric technology and fine design.

At the exhibition, we introduced different products to customers from countries in various regions, such as Italy, Romania, Latvia, Ukraine, Germany, the Netherlands in Europe and several countries in Southeast Asia, Middle East, and South America, as well as Panama and Mauritius and South Africa in Africa.

Besides the highlight part of DF202, we also take the classic types and new version of FM02. FM60 is small and exquisite, FM02 has a more fashionable appearance, DF202 owns luxury workmanship, intelligent Bluetooth function of FM01 and FM06.

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