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Fingerprint door lock

Fingerprint Biometric Door Lock

Material:                   Zinc Alloy

Color:                       Silver/Golden/Antique Copper

Function:                  Fingerprint+Password+Card+Key

User capacity:           300 groups

MOQ:                        1 piece

Warranty:                 12 months

Certification:             CE, FCC

Mechanical Key:         2pcs

Battery:                    4pcs AA battery

  • Feature:

    Fingerprint/code/card/key function
    User capacity: 300 groups

    Safer double verification mode
       Unlock the door by combined way,code+fingerprint

    Semiconductor fingerprint module from Sweden FPC
        Semiconductor fingerprint module can only read living finger.
        Any artificial fingerprint will be refused.
        Living fingerprint unlock technologies unlock within 0.3seconds
        Fingerprint discrimination rate ≥99.99%

    Emergency power
       External power can be used as the backup power if battery drain

    Battery life last up to 18 months
        4pcs batteries last for 18months,8pcs batteries last up to 24months

    Voice prompt and English system

    Emergency key
        Open the door with the mechanical key when battery drain

    Password Anti-peep Technology
        You can add any digits before or/and after the right password,you still can unlock the door

    Support interval code
        It only works at a fixed daily time very convinient for daily fixed time babysitter,nursing carer....

    Low battery alert
        When battery voltage is lower than 4.8v,buzzer will make alert while each unlocking. It can keep 50 times unlocking until      batteries dead

    Violence anti-theft alert
        It will alert for any violence break-in

    Wrong password alert
        Continuously put in the wrong password 5 or wrong fingerprint times,the keypad will be lock for 5 minutes and alert

    Dual electric system design
        In the even of failure of one circuit system,the other circuit system still operates normally.
        Such as when fingerprint fails,user still can unlock the door by password

    Lift-up the handle for the deadbolt
        The user can lift-up the handle from outside to activate the deadbolt
        The deadbolt aslo can work form indoor when lift-up the handle

    Compatible with 99% doors including wood/copper/stainless steel door

    SUS 304 stainless steel mortise

    Energy-saving design

    Hidden Emergency key hole

    Technical Parameters

    Power supply 4.5v - 6.5v
    Battery 4pcs~8pcs AA Alkaline Battery           
    Typical dynamic current                 <50μA
    Action current <250mA
    Lock engine DC micro-motor
    Available mortise CX-01/FX-02
    Working temperature -10℃--70℃
    Storage temperature -25℃--125℃
    Fingerprint sensor semi-conductor
    Language English/ Chinese
    Voice operate prompt yes
    Warning low power; wrong operate

    Available mortise

    User Manual

    Click to download

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