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Fingerprint door lock

Fingerprint biometric handle door lock mortise lock body set password card key function

Material:                  Aluminum alloy

Function:                  Fingerprint+Password+Card+Key

User Capacity:           300 groups

MOQ:                        6pcs

Warranty:                  12 months

Certification:             CE FCC

Mechanical keys:         2pcs

Battery:                    4pcs AA alkaline

  • Features

    ✦ Fingerprint/Card/code/key

    ✦ User capacity: 300 groups

    ✦ Local setting
       The user also can issue or cancel the password and card in the lock by the setting button

    ✦ Support interval code
       This code only works at a fixed daily time
       very convenient for daily fixed time babysitter, nursing carer, etc.

    ✦ Password Anti-peep Technology
       You can add any digits before or/and after the right password, you still can unlock the door
    ✦ Password protection
       When you input wrong password 5 times, the lock will be automatically locked for 3 minutes.
       Only the mechanical key can unlock in this case.

    ✦ Micro USB interface design for emergency power
       Mobile powerbank can be used as the backup power if battery dead.

    ✦ 4pcs AA battery life can last up to 18 months

    ✦ The back-lit keypad provides increased visibility

    ✦ Emergency key
       2pcs mechanical key for backup

    ✦ Low battery alert
       When battery voltage is lower than 4.8v, buzzer will make alert while each unlocking. 
       It can keep 50 times unlocking before batteries dead

    Technical Parameters
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