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Could any locks do both with Bluetooth and WIFI?

Time:2019-08-22 Views:2368
As smart door locks have been on the market for several years, which smart access you prefer? Bluetooth or wifi? 

A wifi lock will usually have more features, like letting you unlock a door remotely. However, because it’s connected to your home wifi network, it’s vulnerable to hacking or malicious attacks, like any internet-connected device.

A Bluetooth lock on the other hand, is potentially more secure. It won’t be connected to the internet, and relies on authentication between the individual lock and the phone. However, Bluetooth locks may have more limited functionality and a slight lag between presenting the fob and unlocking the door.

So is there any method to combine both two features? 

The anwser is YES! 

Come to know our Bluetooth locks FM01 and FM06 again. 

After pairing and registering the lock with the smartphone app, you can unlock the door while you near it. Besides we have a bluetooth gateway device, connected with the home wifi network. Via this device, you only need to click the remote unlock when there is the access request, anywhere and anytime. 

Moreover, the sharing is by app authorization, not the digit password. Your phone is the key.

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