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The Common Types of Fingerprint Recognition

Time:2018-03-06 Views:2473

Fingerprint fingerprint module is the core component of the lock, installed in such as fingerprint access control or hard disk and other devices used to complete the fingerprint collection and fingerprint identification module. The fingerprint module is mainly composed of a fingerprint acquisition module, a fingerprint recognition module and an extended function module (such as a lock drive module).

Optical fingerprint module: the use of light refraction and reflection principle, the light from the bottom of the prism toward the prism, and the prism injection, the light emitted in the finger surface rugged lines refraction angle and the reflected light and light will be different brightness . CMOS or CCD optics will be collected to a different degree of light and shade of the picture information to complete the fingerprint collection.

Semiconductor Fingerprint Module: Whether it is capacitive or inductive, its principle is similar. On a "flat plate" with thousands of integrated semiconductor devices, the finger sticks to the other side of the "plate" with which it forms a capacitor (inductor) The unevenness of the surface of the finger is not the same as the actual distance of the contact plate from the bump to the dent, resulting in a different capacitance / inductance value. The equipment collects different values ​​based on this principle and completes Fingerprint collection.

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