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The comparison of wireless communication technology application on smart door lock

Time:2020-04-11 Views:2043
Wireless communication technology applied on smart door lock.

Bluetooth Zigbee WI-FI NB-IOT Others(e.g. Sub-GHz)
Physical layer standard 802.15.1 802.15.4 802.11ah 3GPP IoT Proprietary
Application Wearable, smart home, car, light networking, industrial and agricultural monitoring, etc. Control and monitoring Limited replacement, control and monitoring Meter reading, parking management Control and monitoring
Battery life year month - year day->year month- year month-year
Network scale Mesh ->65536 100 to 65000 Star->8K 50K/Node B 10s to 100s
Bandwidth(Kbits/s) 2000 20-250 150K-7.8M < 250 0.5-1000
Distance(m) -> 500 1 - 500+ 1000+ 1000+ 1-7000+
Optimization Low cost, low power consumption, operability, and scalability Reliability, low power consumption, low cost, scalable Low power consumption, low cost, scalable Low power consumption, low cost Long distance, low power consumption, low cost
Cost L L M M M

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