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What is the free handle of the smart lock?

Time:2019-10-21 Views:2453

What is the free handle of the smart lock?

The free handle of the fingerprint lock means the handle will become free after correct unlocking. While the free state means the state of being unstressed. The handle is the same level with the ground, but it’s effortless to press it down. This is the free handle that people usually say, that is, the safety handle. The word is only relative to the fingerprint lock with a handle. There is no "free handle" for the push-pull door lock.

The role of the free handle (safety handle) can be broadly divided into the following aspects:

1> Free handle can prevent violent unlocking from causing damage to the internal parts of the fingerprint lock. This is useless for normal people, as they won’t try to press the handle many times after he knows the door is locked. However, it is very useful for some people with obsessive-compulsive disorder or ulterior motives. The design of the free handle will give them a feeling of brute force on the cotton. Thus, there will be no damage to the fingerprint lock.

2> Anti-lock is more convenient. With this design, the user only needs to lift the handle to unlock the fingerprint lock, which is safe and saves time and effort.

3> If the chip of the lock is fast enough, and the processing capacity is strong enough, it can be combined with the free handle to achieve the anti-tailing function. Verify the unlock method → press the handle and enter the room → lift the handle to lock the door. This process can be fast enough to Let the illegal molecules behind try to unlock with no chance. It usually takes 5~10s to be locked again after unlocking for some electronic door locks. During this period, if other people press the handle to open the door again, it will be dangerous if they encounter a bad person.

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