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Why fingerprint can supply the most security

Time:2017-12-11 Views:2469

Fingerprint readers can be used for many purposes, so you should make sure you get one that fits your needs. While many fingerprint readers have similar specifications, they are not all the same on the inside or the outside.

How do fingerprint readers increase security?

Fingerprint recognition has been around for quite a while and is used for many different reasons, but security and identity confirmation is the technology s main purpose. Using biometric systems such as fingerprint readers can greatly increase the security of your electronic devices, including your personal computer, company computers and the priceless data on your devices. Laptops often come with built-in fingerprint readers so that users can make their data more secure, but not all of them. If you are concerned about the security of your computer, a fingerprint reader may provide the secure, convenient protection you need.

Fingerprint Readers: What to Look For

Fingerprint readers are often very similar to each other as far as technical specifications go. Reading a person s fingerprints does not require extremely complex hardware or software. The important thing for most people to look for, then, is the size and weight of the fingerprint reader. After all, you don t want a massive eyesore hogging valuable desk space next to your sleek new computer.

DPI (Dots per Inch)
The friction ridges on your fingers form patterns that are entirely unique to you. The exact arches and whorls on your fingers, when viewed up close, are not duplicated anywhere in nature. But because these unique differences are extremely small and subtle, it is important that fingerprint readers have the ability to image your fingers in great detail. The term DPI stands for  Dots per Inch,  which is an indication of visual fidelity   essentially how much information is available within an inch of space on an image. A DPI rating of around 500 is common for consumer fingerprint readers. A fingerprint reader with a low DPI will not offer incredible security because a blurry image of your finger notes fewer data points than a high-resolution image.

While most fingerprint readers are not overly heavy, there is a fairly wide range. Choosing the right reader for you involves weighing the pros and cons of each product. If you don t plan on moving your fingerprint reader very much, then a heavier model may be preferable. If you need to take a fingerprint reader with you as a mobile biometric security solution, then a lighter model would better suit your needs.


A large and ungainly fingerprint reader may not be what you need if you plan on taking your fingerprint reader with you anywhere, but a larger fingerprint reader may also be more sturdy than a smaller counterpart. When choosing a fingerprint reader, you should carefully consider where and when you will need to use it, because readers come in many shapes and sizes. 

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