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Advantages and Disadvantages of Optical/Semiconductor Fingerprint Sensor

Time:2018-03-06 Views:2010
Optical fingerprint recognition 
Optical fingerprint sensor reliable, cheap, to wear.
1, the finger and finger dry finger surface coverage of the fingerprint image recognition rate is very low;
2, poor adaptability to environmental factors such as temperature. However, due to the optical path, undistorted collector size larger. Usually have more serious optical distortion;
3, the collection window surface often traces of legacy phenomenon.
4, CCD devices may be due to aging, reduce image quality, fake fingerprints

Semiconductor fingerprint recognition
1, high recognition rate.
2, can automatically end the image acquisition, and the image quality getting better.
3, strong anti-counterfeiting fingerprints.
4, anti-static ability.
5, ultra-thin volume: can be embedded into a variety of end products.
1, susceptible to static electricity, making the sensor sometimes can not read the image, or even destroy the image.
2, wear resistance is not enough. Thus affecting their life expectancy.
3, the price is more expensive than optical fingerprint sensor.
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