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Tips for smart deadbolts choosing

Time:2020-11-06 Views:1264

Smart locks—or smart deadbolts, more accurately—can automatically lock and unlock doors for you, allow you to check whether they’re bolted and operate them remotely, and provide access to people who may be visiting or performing work while you’re not home.

In most cases you can also get notifications or check the history to see who has accessed your door, as well as manage or restrict access.

If you’ve ever considered getting a smart lock but didn’t know where to start, were worried about changing your deadbolt or lockset, or were unsure about compatibility with your home security system, read on.


Smart locks generally come in two configurations for deadbolts.

The first is a full deadbolt lockset—including the deadbolt, the exterior keyed lock and/or keypad, and the interior thumb lever and plate. These will completely replace your existing deadbolt or can be added above a doorknob or handle.

The latter configuration only replaces the interior thumb lever and plate, utilizing the existing deadbolt and exterior keyed lock. If you have a matching doorknob and deadbolt, or have all your locks keyed alike, then this option will let you keep your current setup.

There are also full mortise handle-sets that include the handle and associated latchbolt, as well as the “smart” deadbolt, all in one unit. For this test, however, we focused on just the deadbolt options.

Say you’re replacing an existing deadbolt, or installing one in a new door that’s pre-drilled. The job is fairly easy and can be be done with just one screwdriver in about fifteen minutes. But if you’re installing a deadbolt in a door that hasn’t already had one, it’ll take a bit more time and a door hardware installation jig to get it right. The kit will help get the holes positioned accurately and make the job go quicker.

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