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Do you want the best fingerprint door lock available?

Time:2018-09-07 Views:2894

Now you can have the best in fingerprint technology on your own front door. With its small design, secure bolt mortise, advanced features and ease of use, it will soon become your favorite product.

With the FM-02, you can be assured you have the best fingerprint lock to secure your home or office.

Not only does it allow multiple pin codes for all the family, you also have the ability to register fingerprint as well. Plus for easy exit just one push on the lever handle lets you out - anti panic egress.

Did you also know that the semiconductor fingerprint has better recognition?

Whether used for business or home, all users are managed on the lock itself - no computer connection required. Need to keep a door open all day? Passage mode can be enabled with a simple operation. Standard features like low battery indicator ensure you should not be left outside. You also get a mechanical key as well which gives you access for that "just in case" moment.
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