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Hotel Door Lock Management System

Time:2018-09-04 Views:2861

For all sizes of Hotels, Motels, Student Accomodation and Offices

Electronic locks provide advanced security that cannot be found in regular turn-key locks

The electronic style hotel lock has become standard issue in the accommodation industry. There are many different benefits that come with using a hotel lock system such as:

Increased security and safety

Better management

Increased Security:

When you use an electronic hotel lock, there is no need to be concerned that someone may be gaining illegal access to your rooms by duplicating the key.
Electronic access offers increased security because the issued electronic cards (keys) are encrypted and cannot be used elsewhere or copied. Locks can also work as a visible deterrant to thieves as solid metal construction, size and card encryption makes them harder to access.

Better Management:

The manager won’t be required to tote around a key chain with many different keys for the guest rooms, offices secured areas, pool and so on. Guests won’t have to acquire additional keys to gain access to amenities as well. With the electronic keys, individuals can have access to a number of different areas by utilizing one key only.
Electronic keycards are easily managed by pc software which is simple to learn and use. Guest cards automatically de-activate at your designated check-out time. Staff cards can be programmed for times of access (such as shift times) and area access depending on job roles.

Lost a key?

Unlike a turn-key lock that will have to be replaced, a hotel lock offers the convenience of just deactivating the lost card and issuing a replacement with the use of your lock management program.
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