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What are your smart door lock options? Wifi or Blutooth?

Time:2019-11-20 Views:2243

Consumer smart door locks have been on the market for several years, though the technology is yet to break through to the mainstream. That said, there are some products out there that enable the kind of door entry that was once reserved for science fiction.

Multiple opening methods.
The locks can be opened by a key card, tag/fob, smartphone or even by a simple PIN.

Easy to edit users.
You can add or remove users from the access list, or change their privileges. So you can give people temporary access, or only on specific days or times of day.

Extra security features.
This smart lock has a tamper alarm and PIN code lockout. It also keeps a log of all user entries.

Battery powered.
If your power goes down, the lock keeps functioning. There is a low battery indicator so you never need to worry about when to replace them.

Besides our locks can send virtual keys to anyone who needs access.

What are your smart door lock options
Wifi or Bluetooth smart door locks?

Your choice of system may be dictated by several factors, including the all-important price tag. But you should be aware of the implications of opting for a wifi system or a Bluetooth one - and some systems use both.

A wifi lock will usually have more features, such as letting you unlock a door remotely. However, because it’s connected to your home wifi network it’s vulnerable to hacking or malicious attacks, like any internet-connected device.

A Bluetooth lock, on the other hand, is potentially more secure, as it won’t be connected to the internet, and relies on authentication between the individual lock and the fob/phone. However, Bluetooth locks may have more limited functionality and a slight lag between presenting the fob and unlocking the door.

Write to us or leave your email, we will recommand the one for you. 

One of the features of smart locks is that you can send temporary keys to people, giving them access to your home at a specific time

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