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Why are smart door locks?

Time:2019-08-09 Views:2126

After the smart controlled office life, now the smart home is becoming a trendy. Smart door lock, a form of keyless door lock, has become a big part of the smart home movement. It’s seen as an integral part of intelligent home security systems.

One of the neat features of smart locks is that you can send temporary keys to people, giving them access to your home within a specific time frame.

Our apps can set multiple codes for different situations, interval or temporary. The valid time could also be set from the minite to month. Set and share to others anytime at any place.

Temporary keys are perfect if you need someone to pop in and feed the pets while you’re away - you message them a key and they can use their phone to open the lock. Then once you return, their key automatically becomes invalid.

Besides, you even can click a button on your phone to unlock your door at your office or even abroad.

Wanna to try a keyless life from tomorrow? Contact now for more details and installation details!

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